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Valentine's Day Party with Flirt Babes Date: Feb 6th @ 5:15am EST
Hello everyone,

February is the month of love and what better way to celebrate it than in Live Cams Mansion and with your Flirt Babes. Therefore, we will have a party on 15th February at 4 PM EST, on a Saturday, just a day after Valentine’s Day so we can relax and make the most out of our time together.

As always, we will have fun games, good drinks and a party you will not forget so easily. You are always used to us having surprises for you so this time, we will introduce new Babes for you! We won’t spoil it before the big day so you will just have to hold your breath!

So, will you be our Valentine? Kisses!

Live Cams Mansion Is Being Renovated-Closed 28th January-3rd February Date: Jan 28th @ 6:47am EST
Hello everyone,

We know you like changes for the better and we, in Live Cams Mansion, are all for it! We are getting our hands dirty and we will renovate the Mansion so you can enjoy our new interior and much, much more fun! Be patient, you know we will have the best surprises when we come back!

Therefore, we will close the doors of the Mansion from today, 28th January until 3rd February. We will miss you so much and we know you will miss us too! Not to worry, we will be back soon and we promise it will be worth the wait!

Flirt of the Year Winners Date: Jan 3rd @ 6:41am EST
Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

Live Cams Mansion is entering this 2020 as a true winner! As you probably already know, we have our three babes get the first three spots in FOTY! We want to congratulate Lorenna Love for taking home the title and becoming the Flirt of the Year! Also, we are so happy to announce that the second place belongs to Unique Mia and the third to last year's winner Nikki Crystal! We are so proud of our girls and we wish them a lot of success in this year!

Live Cams Mansion also wishes to thank all the members who support us and who helped our girls not only through these three months, but also through the years. We hope we will have many hot, wet and fun months together! You are a part of our family, too!

Happy New Year once again and enjoy it the best you can! Kisses!
Traditional Romanian Christmas with Flirt Babes Date: Dec 16th @ 4:09pm EST
Merry Christmas everyone!

Live Cams Mansion has opened its doors for you exactly 5 years ago, on Christmas! You know we have a history of providing you with the good time, since then until this very day and we plan on continuing of doing so for many years to come . This Christmas, your very own Flirt Babes and our new LCM Babes will be celebrating it, Romanian style! It will be a traditional Romanian Christmas you have always wanted to try. Good food, traditional Christmas Carols and a lot of fun! Since Christmas is a season of giving, we will have many surprises! Don’t miss the chance to see how we celebrate the merriest holiday in the year!

Join us Sunday, 22nd December at 10 AM EST and enjoy the open doors to Live Cams Mansion and many other surprises!

Halloween in Sins Mansion: Babes vs Sinners Date: Oct 18th @ 8:27am EDT
Hello everyone!

It’s the night of the Halloween and the legend says Sin Mansion holds many secrets, waiting to be revealed exactly on the night when Sexy Babes and Exhilarating Sinners meet face to face and unite their charms. And… Tonight is that very night. Join us in a new location just for Halloween eve and experience the moments of true desire you’ve been yearning to feel for quite some time. Trust us, we know how it feels.
We have the full moon, we have the fog, we have the night bats and a pure desire to use this evening to our advantage and to drive you in, so deep in our world. Join us where the two worlds meet and choose whose side are you on… Or don’t. We’ll take care of you just the same on 30th October at 4 PM EST!

World of Fetish Party by Flirt Babes Date: Aug 16th @ 8:18am EDT
Hello everyone!

We all know you’ve wondered what happens when your sweet, next-door Flirt Babes go wild. This time, you will find out exactly what it is.

You are invited to discover the world of fetish next to your favorite girls and enjoy every second of it on 23rd August at 7 PM EST.

We have prepared many surprises and one of them is that we will introduce a true sinner to you- Versatile Angel. You know we always know how to spice up things and this will be no different. There will be fun, exhilarating games and anything you could ever wish for!

Save the date! Kisses!
Back to School Party with the Flirt Babes Date: Aug 1st @ 5:51am EDT
Hello everyone,

We are happy to invite you to a real back to school party with your favorite Flirt Babes. Summer is not over but we are going to rise the temperature so high you will definitely need to keep your AC on. Take a trip back down memory lane and see for yourself how fun and sexy can it be to find yourself, once again, in the classroom. We promise, there are no bad grades here! You can relive the most fun years with us!

Join us on Saturday, 10th August at 3 PM EST and enjoy 5 girls dressed as sexy school girls. We always have surprises for you and we can’t wait to show you! No cheating! Be patient and who knows, maybe you’ll even be a teacher’s pet! Don't forget to bring the good mood and to behave!

Casino Night by Flirt Babes Date: Jul 22nd @ 11:15am EDT
Hello everyone!

The Live Cams Mansion Casino is opening its doors to you on Wednesday, 24th July at 7 PM EST! We will transform the Mansion in a glamorous casino and offer you a night you won't forget. Are you feeling lucky? We are curious to see.

Oh and... Beware...Counting cards and cheating of any kind is punishable, by our rules ;)

Make sure you put on your formal attire, lay back and enjoy while we give you the night full of excitement!

Wet Summer Mornings Party by Flirt Babes Date: Jun 18th @ 8:18am EDT
Hello everyone!

The summer is finally here and we are desiring wet summer mornings. We are sure you are, too. Whatever helps us deal with all this heat...

In our case, we will turn the temperature up and make it go through the roof. And... we don't plan on using a lot of water to get wet, we have something else planned for this party.

Among other things, we have a new addition to our Mansion and we are more than excited to introduce Unique Mia and to let you decide how wet you want to make her.

As always, we promise good music, many drinks, fun games and we have a special surprise for you this time! However, we don't kiss and tell. You will have to discover this one on your own.

Save the date and meet us on 24th June at 9 AM EST in Live Cams Mansion and spend the most amazing morning with your Flirt Babes. It's not hard at all to make it there on time, but we do hope something else will be hard at this party ;)

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show!

Introducing Flirt Sinners Date: Apr 11th @ 7:07am EDT
Hello everyone,

Live Cams Mansion is proud to present a new crew! Flirt Sinners have arrived and they are everything you could ever wish for!

Step into the world where fetish meets voyeur and explore every hidden part of it. Nourish your fantasies and be a part of something exhilarating, that will make you feel all the hidden sensations you forgot how to feel.

Curious? Go on... Keep reading!

We invite you to open the doors of the most exclusive fetish project ever!

Once inside, you can find Mistresses, slaves, switches and much more. It's not all about the domination and submission, it's about the feelings and your desires that will finally come to life.

See you there!


The Live Cams Mansion Team