Live Cams Mansion's Recent Blogs

New Babe Alert in Live Cams Mansion Date: Feb 23rd @ 7:45am EST
Hello everyone!

We have a new babe in the house, a perfect addition to our crew! Please welcome our very own Jaqueline Merlot!

Now, don't be shy, say hi, help a girl out. It's her first time on the site and we just know she can't wait to meet you all! You are aware that we wouldn't guarantee for this beauty if we didn't think she was worth your attention!

There is a reason she is named after wine. She can make you dizzy in seconds... And, let's not start with her skills...

Don't believe us? Make sure for yourself!

Visit her on or spy on her on one (or more) of our many cams in the Mansion! She's the aroma we've been looking for!

Valentine's Day Party by Flirt Babes Date: Feb 10th @ 7:06am EST
Hello everyone!

We are proud to invite you to our big Valentine's Day Party starring Flirt Babes!

It is, after all, the month of love and we, in Live Cams Mansion, always have the proper way of celebrating it. We offer you the chance to show us your love up and front, the same way we have been showing you ours for a long, long time.

As you're used to, we have prepared good alcohol, fun games, loud music and a lot of prizes for you to win! Come to have fun with us and we will love you over and over again.

Join us on Valentine's Day, 14 February at 4 PM EST and let us turn your world upside down. It's the best gift you will ever get!

We love to entertain you!

February Program in Live Cams Mansion Date: Feb 7th @ 7:38am EST
Hello everybody!

February is the month of love and, like always, we from Live Cams Mansion know exactly how to celebrate it!

We have prepared many individual shows this month in order to honor the love we all have been feeling. Don't forget about our big party either ;)

So, to keep things simple, this is how our February program looks like:

It all starts on:

Friday, 9 February. First we have:
Simone Isabel- 12 PM-2 PM EST
Kiarra Fox- 2PM-4 PM EST
Lorenna Love- 8 PM-10 PM EST
Nikki Crystal- 10PM- 12 AM EST

Saturday, 10 February comes with:
Kiarra Fox- 10 AM-12 PM EST
Lorenna Love- 12 PM-2 PM EST
Simone Isabel- 2 PM- 4 PM EST
Nikki Crystal- 8 PM- 10 PM EST

On Sunday, 11 February:
Kiarra Fox- 10 AM-12 PM EST
Nikki Crystal- 12 PM-2 PM EST
Simone Isabel- 2 PM-4 PM EST
Lorenna Love- 7 PM-9 PM EST

Monday, 12 February is good to start with:
Kiarra Fox- 1 PM-3 PM EST
Simone Isabel- 3 PM-5 PM EST
Lorenna Love- 7 PM-9 PM EST
Nikki Crystal- 9 PM-11 PM EST

Tuesday, 13 February brings us:
Kiarra Fox- 10 AM-12 PM EST
Nikki Crystal- 12 PM-2 PM EST
Simone Isabel- 2 PM-4 PM EST
Lorenna Love- 9 PM-11 PM EST

Of course, on February 14, we will have a big Valentine’s Day Party. There will be fun, music, drinks, games and lots of L O V E. Don’t miss it!

Let's collect some hearts, have fun and show each other our love!

We love to entertain you!

New Camera! Date: Feb 2nd @ 7:13am EST
Hello everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that we have a new camera in the Mansion- Laundry Room aka the most used bathroom :D

Our Babes have been running there when in break downstairs so we thought we should not keep any secrets from you. It's all transparent now ;)

Don't mind the messiness of it but enjoy another perspective and another hidden part of Live Cams Mansion.

Also, don't forget to check our forum for constant updates and news. You can discuss anything you wish to or address any issues or questions you may have.

We are here for you!
LCM Forum Date: Jan 30th @ 4:46am EST
Hello everybody!

The Live Cams Mansion Forum has been officially launched! Isn't this exciting?

Finally, you will have the chance to find out the news from the first row. No more need to ask yourself what will happen. You can simply enter our new thread and find out yourself. Never miss a thing!

Also, you can address us any questions you have concerning Live Cams Mansion, our babes or anything really that you would like to ask or discuss. It's a new and fun way to keep in touch.

We always give you our best and we want to show you that we care for you and your needs. So, we give you the chance to enjoy everything the Mansion to offer!

We are here for you!
Program in LCM for the week 13 November-19 November Date: Nov 11th @ 7:49am EST
Hello everyone,

As usual, we have prepared a few shows for you in the following week. Eager to find our what do we have in store? Keep reading!

Our next week starts on Thursday 16 November , just in time for the weekend! So what do we have for you?

First show will be the one of Bonie Blue, her FOTY Raffle! You are already used to it so there was no point of changing anything. Good things should stay. Since FOTY is still on-going and our Babe is ranking nicely already, we need you to continue supporting her! She has prepared many prizes for you! For every 10 super votes, you will receive 15 days of Fan Club. And of course, at the end of the show, she will reward you with a nice show of her own. Sounds exciting, we know! It is happening at 1 PM EST, so don't miss it!

After, at 3 PM EST we have a trio show by Bonie Blue, Lorenna Love and Tia Akira! It will be a Sorority Party. If you have ever wandered what our Babes did at college, this is a chance to relive it with them. We all know what kind of crazy stuff can happen at those parties!

Next, on Friday, 17 November, we offer you a free Fetish Training by our Mistress Laurette DeVille and our crazy babe Kiarra Fox. It's a duo show and completely worth your time if you want to learn. We are always here for you. Catch them at 4 PM EST and bring your pen and paper.

Last show of the week will be on Saturday, 18 November at 9 PM EST! It's one of famous FOTY Raffles by Kendra Blu! She is also a nicely ranked babe at the FOTY and we expect you to continue supporting her the best you can! You can win a lot of prizes so don't miss it! We show you love if you show us yours!

And in the meantime, you can spy every babe on one (or more) of our many cams in the Mansion. Enjoy what we have to offer. We love to entertain you!

Halloween Party by Flirt Babes Date: Oct 24th @ 10:22am EDT
Hello everybody,

Halloween season is just around the corner and we, in Live Cams Mansion, love to play.

It is said that on Halloween night, spirits come back and wander the earth. Portals open, winds blow harder and the fog gets ticker. There are no more limits between our world and... the other side.

Our Mansion has always been a place where your dreams come true. However, in that one night, your dreams turn into a sweet, sweet nightmare you can't run away from. And guess what? You'll love it!

The Babes have stepped into the other realm and have become... Different. Well, we don't kiss and tell. You have to find out for yourself.

Are you ready for a night where everything you know transforms into a story you know nothing about? Full of sexual forbidden desires you can't wait to explore? Step in, then.

We will make sure you never want to leave this perfect nightmare. Join us on Friday, 27 October at 1 PM EST and see what awaits you.

Experience the new Mansion with us. One night only! We love to entertain you. XOXO
Flirt Babes Party Date: Oct 18th @ 4:32am EDT
Hello everyone!

We are eager to announce another one of our fabulous Flirt Babes Parties.

How exciting, right?

Since you might have already noticed that we have new members of Flirt Babes in the Mansion, we decided to introduce them to you. This Saturday, we will welcome them and continue to party. After all, that's what we're good at ;)

We would be intrigued if we were you :)

As usual, we have many things down our sleeve. We will dance all day, drink, play games and reward you for showing us your love and affection.

Sounds interesting so far.

Here is the chance to have fun with the Babes you already know and to try out some of the new ones, too. We promise you will be please. And we never break our promises ;)

Be there this Saturday, 21 October at 10 AM EST when we gather for a fabulous party, just for you. Let's get the temperature to rise in these cold October days. We are waiting ;)

We love to entertain you. Kisses.

Live Cams Mansion by Flirt Babes Date: Aug 15th @ 12:26pm EDT

We are very excited to tell you about what the month of August brings to Live Cams Mansion. As WE LOVE TO ENTERTAIN YOU, we have prepared lots of surprises for you! We have added a new interesting feature, new babes have joined the Mansion and we have prepared one week of activities to keep everything going!

First of all, we would like to remind you that VIP members can access Live Cams Mansion for FREE and Premium and Basic members can gain 24 hours access for only 25 credits! Don’t miss your daily dose of fun with the sexy Flirt Babes!
Join the Flirt Babes in Live Cams Mansion from the 14th until the 20th of August and you can support your favorite babe during the games to win and gather points in order to win a great prize! It’s all about spying, so join us and find out the rules of the games! Don’t miss the games that the babes are going to play!

Join us in the following shows:
Tuesday, the 15th of August between 2PM â€" 4PM â€" Special Event with Live Cams Mansion
Wednesday, the 16th of August between 1PM â€" 3PM â€" Special Event with Live Cams Mansion
Thursday, the 17th of August between 2PM â€" 4PM â€" Special Event with Live Cams Mansion
Friday, the 18th of August between 2PM â€" 4PM â€" Special Event with Live Cams Mansion
Saturday, the 19th of August between 2PM â€" 4PM â€" Special Event with Live Cams Mansion
Sunday, the 20th of August between 2PM â€" 4PM â€" Special Event with Live Cams Mansion

NEW BABE has joined Live Cams Mansion!
You may have noticed by now BELLE BIJOU, our NEW HOST at the parties and NEW promoter of Flirt Babes! You will have the chance to meet our new sexy and sensual Host, Belle Bijou! Don’t waste anymore time, join Live Cams Mansion and meet her in person!

For Belle to be the sexy and sensual host, we need a party, so join us on the 18th of August, starting at 8PM EST at the Vibe My Heart Party by Flirt Babes! Join and offer a proper welcome to Belle Bijou! You can also see another perspective of the party on SNAPCHAT, so don’t forget to add flirt_babes! See you there!
Also, a NEW FEATURE will be available at this special party and it will show you the heartbeats of the babes when We-Vibe vibrates!
The Flirt Babes have scheduled the “Vive My Heart” individual parties in which they’ll use this new and exciting feature, so you are invited to join them as follow:

The next Thursday, on the 17th of August starting at 3 PM EST - BONIE BLUE;
Saturday, on the 19th of August starting at 10 PM EST - NIKKI CRYSTAL;
Tuesday, the 22nd of August starting at 9 PM EST â€" LORENNA LOVE;
Friday, the 25th of August starting at 3 PM EST â€" TIA AKIRA;
Later on the 25th of August starting at 10 PM EST â€" NIKKI CRYSTAL;
Saturday, the 26th of August starting at 8 PM EST â€" KENDRA BLU;
Thursday, the 31st of August starting at 10 PM EST â€" NIKKI CRYSTAL.

If you’re not a VIP member yet, here’s another reason to become one: Nikki Crystal will have one special Feature Shows that are available and FREE only for VIP members! Join our Spoiled We-Vibe Babe Sunday on the 27th of August starting at 12 AM EST for one hour in a special show!

You can stay tuned for more parties by following @LiveCamsMansion and @Flirt_Babes on Twitter and flirt_babes on Instagram! Add flirt_babes on Snapchat also! Don’t forget to add to your favorites & turn on your email notification!

See you at the parties and in Live Cams Mansion!
4th of July Pool Party! Date: Jul 1st @ 10:51am EDT
Hello everyone,

We are very happy to give you some GREAT NEWS!

NOW you can spy the sexy Flirt Babes on the Live Cams Mansion voyeur cams when they’re at the pool, at the jacuzzi and in the yard! Yes, you got it right! We have added cameras outside so you won’t miss all the fun time that the Flirt Babes get when they’re not online!

Because WE LOVE TO ENTERTAIN YOU we will inaugurate this new and exciting addition at the Independence Day Pool Party on the 4th of July! You are all invited to join the Flirt Babes in Live Cams Mansion starting at 10 AM EST and celebrate the hottest Independence Day together!

Happy 4th of July and see you at pool!