Live Cams Mansion's Recent Blogs

Halloween in Sins Mansion: Babes vs Sinners Date: Oct 18th @ 8:27am EDT
Hello everyone!

It’s the night of the Halloween and the legend says Sin Mansion holds many secrets, waiting to be revealed exactly on the night when Sexy Babes and Exhilarating Sinners meet face to face and unite their charms. And… Tonight is that very night. Join us in a new location just for Halloween eve and experience the moments of true desire you’ve been yearning to feel for quite some time. Trust us, we know how it feels.
We have the full moon, we have the fog, we have the night bats and a pure desire to use this evening to our advantage and to drive you in, so deep in our world. Join us where the two worlds meet and choose whose side are you on… Or don’t. We’ll take care of you just the same on 30th October at 4 PM EST!

World of Fetish Party by Flirt Babes Date: Aug 16th @ 8:18am EDT
Hello everyone!

We all know you’ve wondered what happens when your sweet, next-door Flirt Babes go wild. This time, you will find out exactly what it is.

You are invited to discover the world of fetish next to your favorite girls and enjoy every second of it on 23rd August at 7 PM EST.

We have prepared many surprises and one of them is that we will introduce a true sinner to you- Versatile Angel. You know we always know how to spice up things and this will be no different. There will be fun, exhilarating games and anything you could ever wish for!

Save the date! Kisses!
Back to School Party with the Flirt Babes Date: Aug 1st @ 5:51am EDT
Hello everyone,

We are happy to invite you to a real back to school party with your favorite Flirt Babes. Summer is not over but we are going to rise the temperature so high you will definitely need to keep your AC on. Take a trip back down memory lane and see for yourself how fun and sexy can it be to find yourself, once again, in the classroom. We promise, there are no bad grades here! You can relive the most fun years with us!

Join us on Saturday, 10th August at 3 PM EST and enjoy 5 girls dressed as sexy school girls. We always have surprises for you and we can’t wait to show you! No cheating! Be patient and who knows, maybe you’ll even be a teacher’s pet! Don't forget to bring the good mood and to behave!

Casino Night by Flirt Babes Date: Jul 22nd @ 11:15am EDT
Hello everyone!

The Live Cams Mansion Casino is opening its doors to you on Wednesday, 24th July at 7 PM EST! We will transform the Mansion in a glamorous casino and offer you a night you won't forget. Are you feeling lucky? We are curious to see.

Oh and... Beware...Counting cards and cheating of any kind is punishable, by our rules ;)

Make sure you put on your formal attire, lay back and enjoy while we give you the night full of excitement!

Wet Summer Mornings Party by Flirt Babes Date: Jun 18th @ 8:18am EDT
Hello everyone!

The summer is finally here and we are desiring wet summer mornings. We are sure you are, too. Whatever helps us deal with all this heat...

In our case, we will turn the temperature up and make it go through the roof. And... we don't plan on using a lot of water to get wet, we have something else planned for this party.

Among other things, we have a new addition to our Mansion and we are more than excited to introduce Unique Mia and to let you decide how wet you want to make her.

As always, we promise good music, many drinks, fun games and we have a special surprise for you this time! However, we don't kiss and tell. You will have to discover this one on your own.

Save the date and meet us on 24th June at 9 AM EST in Live Cams Mansion and spend the most amazing morning with your Flirt Babes. It's not hard at all to make it there on time, but we do hope something else will be hard at this party ;)

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show!

Introducing Flirt Sinners Date: Apr 11th @ 7:07am EDT
Hello everyone,

Live Cams Mansion is proud to present a new crew! Flirt Sinners have arrived and they are everything you could ever wish for!

Step into the world where fetish meets voyeur and explore every hidden part of it. Nourish your fantasies and be a part of something exhilarating, that will make you feel all the hidden sensations you forgot how to feel.

Curious? Go on... Keep reading!

We invite you to open the doors of the most exclusive fetish project ever!

Once inside, you can find Mistresses, slaves, switches and much more. It's not all about the domination and submission, it's about the feelings and your desires that will finally come to life.

See you there!


The Live Cams Mansion Team
Saint Patrick's Day Shows by Flirt Babes Date: Mar 13th @ 9:51am EDT
Hello everyone!

Saint Patrick is almost here and it's a fun holiday we, in Live Cams Mansion, know how to celebrate it!

This time, we have our three babes collecting shamrocks and their shows look like this:

Thursday, 14th March :

Nikki Crystal- 6 PM EST
Jaqueline Merlot- 9 PM EST
Simone Isabel- 11 PM EST

Friday, 15th March:
Jaqueline Merlot- 9 PM EST
Simone Isabel- 11 PM EST

Saturday, 16th March:
Nikki Crystal- 1 AM EST
Jaqueline Merlot- 9 PM EST
Simone Isabel- 11 PM EST

Sunday, 17th March:
Simone Isabel- 7 AM EST
Nikki Crystal- 8 PM EST

We hope you'll enjoy yourself and you'll discover what's on the other side of the rainbow. Don't forget to bring your shamrocks with you!

We'll be expecting you!
HouseWarming Party by Flirt Babes Date: Mar 6th @ 5:36am EST
Hello everyone!

We know we've been absent for a while, but we promise, it is worth it!

Spring is here and most people do their annual cleaning. Flirt Babes, on the other hand, changed the Mansion! Like, literally. We're not talking about redecorating. We moved and we are loving it. So, there was a perfectly good excuse to throw a party!

Come join us this Thursday, 7th March at 4 PM EST and see the new home of the Flirt Babes. We know you will like what we have prepared for you. Stay tuned, it will be an interesting spring surprise.

We'll be waiting for you...
FOTY winners- 3 Live Cams Mansion @Flirt_Babes in top 10 ! Date: Jan 4th @ 10:14am EST
Hello everyone!

After three months of hard work and a lot of fun and stress, the Flirt Of The Year has ended and Live Cams Mansion has three babes in top ten!

Sixth place took the Amazing Simone Isabel. It's her first time in the contest and she did great. We are so proud of her growth!

Third place was occupied by Lorenna Love and we couldn't be happier for her. This Nasty Babe has truly done her best. Keep up with the good work! We hope for many more titles for you in years to come!

The first place came out to be our one and only Nikki Crystal. We put all of our hopes in this Spoiled Babe and she did not fail to disappoint. The Flirt Of The Year title is hers and we don't have the words to describe our joy! She worked very hard and it paid off. The last year ended pretty good and this one started pretty good for her, don't you think? Being the best! Congratulations!

Live Cams Mansion would like to thank everyone who supported us and our girls, not only in these three months, but also during the entire year! We are so happy to have friends such as you and we hope to many more years of fun times! Remember, the doors are open, don't forget to stop by ;)

Happy New Year everyone! May all your desires come true with us! If they haven't already!;)

Christmas Party by Flirt Babes Date: Dec 19th @ 8:11am EST
It's the most wonderful time of the year and the Flirt Babes are living the moment... Like usual ;)

That is why there will be a splendid Christmas Party at Live Cams Mansion to celebrate this joyful holiday. There will be dancing and Christmas carols and decorations and games and everything you can possibly desire on that day. The best of all? You are invited!

Make sure you prepare your first row seat and come to enjoy the spirit of Christmas only Flirt Babes can make you feel.

Save the date. It's happening on Saturday, 22nd December at 3 PM EST.

So... Have you been naughty or nice? Guess we are going to find out soon ;)

Get your favorite dessert ready and enjoy the show! We know we will!