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Cinco de Mayo with the Flirt Babes at Live Cams Mansion Date: May 3rd @ 6:26pm EDT
Hello everyone,

We are happy to tell you that the Flirt Babes are giving away Private minutes and Free Days Acces in their Fan Clubs for their top 3 party people who will throw shots t them at the Cinco de Mayo fiesta here at Flirt4Free!

Join your favorite babe and you’ll have the chance to win very one of the following prizes:

1st place: 30 minutes private + 30 days Fan Club Access
2nd place: 15 minutes private + 15 days Fan Club Access
3rd place: 10 minutes private + 10 days Fan Club Access

Good luck, have fun and enjoy Cinco de Mayo with the Flirt Babes!

Thank you for being our fan and for your support!
Live Cams Mansion Thematic Weeks Date: Apr 18th @ 6:47pm EDT

We are happy to tell you that Live Cams Mansion and Flirt Babes give away Free Days Access on the voyeur cams and Private Minutes for those of you who help us select the new upcoming Thematic Weeks for May!

Have you ever wanted to see some specific activities in Live Cams Mansion or have you wished to see the Flirt Babes wear something that you’d like? Thanks to the Thematic Weeks, NOW it’s your chance to make some rules! Post your suggestions on Twitter until the 26th of April and mention @LiveCamsMansion and @Flirt_Babes to get the chance to see your idea implemented in the Mansion! The Flirt Babes have to follow the theme of the week only when they’re not broadcasting!

If you’re a Premium or Basic member and your idea gets selected you will win 10 Days Free Access in Live Cams Mansion. If you’re a VIP member and your idea gets selected, you will win 10 Private Minutes with your favorite Flirt Babe from Live Cams Mansion!

Thank you for your support and for being our fan!
Hi everyone! Date: Mar 8th @ 11:30am EST
We wanted to remind you that today, starting at 2pm EST the Flirt Babes from Live Cams Mansion will have a special Women's Day celebration party!
The hosts of the party are Sophie Hazze the Joyful Babe, that everyone loves, Chanel Capri the Seductive Babe, also this week's Model Of The Week and Lorenna Love the Nasty Babe who is for the first time in a trio show.

The three Flirt Babes will celebrate this special day here, with you! They have prepared games and surprises. Show them how special they are and join them!

See you there!
Live Cams Mansion Access Date: Mar 1st @ 12:44pm EST
Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce some great news! From now on, all VIP members will automatically receive 30 days FREE access in Live Cams Mansion. Also, PREMIUM and REGULAR members are now able to access the Mansion for only 25 credits/day.

We hope you will enjoy spying on the sexy Flirt Babes on Live Cams Mansion Voyeur Cams!

Don't forget to add us to your favorites and turn on your e-mail notifications for more fun and news!

See you around!
Flirt Babes Games Date: Feb 15th @ 5:33pm EST
Hello everyone!

At the last parties you have seen that the flirt Babes got really creative at choosing the games they played. To spice thing up a little bit and to have more fun with you guys, besides the games that you’re already used to, the babes have added a few more to the list. In case you’ve missed them, here you can have a clue about what this is about.

Shot Game

This game is meant to be an “ice-breaker” and get the Flirt Babes more comfortable with whatever challenges are coming next. The rule is simple: the girls must drink a shot when they are tipped.


Everyone knows how to play this game because it’s fun, challenging and sometimes…impossible. When a babe gets tipped, the referee spins the spinner to tell her which part of the body goes on which color. If there are no more vacant circle of that particular color or she can’t move in a certain way, the babe gets out of the game! The winner is the one that is last on the Twister mat.

Musical Chairs

This game is easy and fun. The Flirt Babes dance around some chairs that are placed back to back. Pay attention, the chairs are always one fewer than the babes. When the music stops, each babe has to take a seat on one chair and if she doesn’t have any chair to sit on, she goes out. When she gets tipped, she’s back in the game. There’s no winner, but the point of the game is to keep the Flirt Babes dancing!

Spin the Bottle

This is not the classical game, but it’s way more fun because it comes along with a bowl of “dares”. Basically, when a babe gets tipped, she’ll spin the bottle in order to have a “partner in crime”. When the bottle indicates another babe, she will have to get from the bowl a dare. Whatever the dare is, her “partner” must do it along with her.

Twisted Babes

The games is pretty simple, but a lot of fun. At the beginning, the Flirt Babes are sitting in a circle, holding their hands. The babe that gets tipped is the one that has to move once and twist the ties. During the game, the babes will get more and more twisted and the point is not to break the ties. When the tie is broken, the ones that did so must undergo a penalty. There’s when the magic happens, because the penalty is something funny and it changes from party to party!

Flirt Babes [party theme object]

This one is as simple as it gets: each babe owns an object that holds a secret prize inside. You must tip the Flirt Babe the requested amount of credits at once to get her prize. The object may include free days access in Live Cams Mansion, free days on fan club subscription, free private minutes and other surprises!


It’s easy to lose at this one. The Jenga tower is built by wooden blocks with dares on them that are placed face-down. When a babe gets tipped she must remove a block only from under a complete level. Whatever the dare is, she must do it before placing the block on top of the tower. When the tower falls, the babe that got it down must undergo a penalty. This penalty also changes from party to party.

LCM Wheel of Fortune

The wheel includes lots of great prizes so it’s up to you to get them from your favorite Flirt Babe! It goes very easy: tip the babe that you want to spin the wheel for you and see how lucky you get!

Naked Babes

Yes, it is as sexy as it sounds! At one point of the party, each Flirt Babe will have to get topless, but not just so. When a babe is presented, she must be tipped in order to reach her goal. When the goal is reached, she’ll select a song to perform a hot and sexy striptease for you.

The order of the games are not always the same and you can always ask for a particular one. Remember that these party shows are made for the Flirt Babes to have fun with you!

See you at the next PARTY!!!
Important Notice - Google Chrome Browsing Date: Jan 6th @ 2:09pm EST
Due to some updates browsing on chrome is available only if you go to chrome/settings/ and you deactivate the option "use hardware acceleration when available" and than restart chrome!
We recommend to access LCM using Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.
Thanks for understanding!
Enjoy visiting Live Cams Mansion
November Thanksgiving PROMO from Flirt Babes at Live Cams Mansion Date: Nov 6th @ 11:39am EST
We are back with some amazing things especially created for Thanksgiving Holiday in November
Our Flirt Babes will give away many prizes and rewards during November, but for this need your support and loyalty!
During November will give away lots of FREE DAYS ACCESS in Live Cams Mansion as follow:

Kendra Blu & Bonie Blue FOTY Raffles = 1 DAY, 7 DAYS or 30 DAYS FREE ACCESS IN LCM
Go vote one of the two babes or both, and receive daily, weekly or monthly access in LCM such as:

- Daily Raffle for 5 Daily Winners (24HRS free Access in LCM)
5 daily free access in mansion (5 different tickets = 5 winners for 1 day free access in mansion)

- Weekly Raffle for 7 Weekly Winners
Weekly Kendra Blu & Bonie Blue will organize Raffles and the Prize will be 7 Days Free Access In Live Cams Mansion
7 days in mansion for 7 winners during a week (at least 5 free votes weekly needed to qualify for this raffle)

- Monthly Raffle
30 days free access in Live Cams Mansion for 10 different winners during November (at least 20 free votes in a month needed to qualify in this raffle)
The Final Raffle will be on 1 Dec 2016

1 Free Vote = 1 Ticket
1 Super Vote = 2 Tickets

Also don`t forget Kendra & Bonie will have also Big Prize that will be given at the end of the Year (3 JAN 2017 RAFFLE) during their BIG FINAL RAFFLE for FOTY you can WIN 20 HRS FREE PRIVATE or THE BIG PRIZE A BRAND NEW KIIROO ONYX!

More votes for both of them daily, more chances to win!
Go Check Kendra Blu & Bonie Blue profiles/blog and Vote Them Even if are not online, every vote will be counted!

Nikki Crystal Hero of The Day = 10 DAYS FREE ACCESS in LCM

Nikki will give away each day 10 days free access in Live Cams Mansion to the one that will be her Hero Of The Day, The Highest and Biggest Spender during that day.

Go visit her while she is online, spend how much you can, or even spoil her with offline tips&Gifts and you can have instantly 10 days Free Access in LCM at the end of the Day
All the Daily Winners will be posted on her profile!
Check her room and profile for more info!

Sasha Sunny & Sophie Hazze & Adda Riley FAN CLUB PROMO 7 DAYS FREE ACCESS IN LCM

Go and buy 30 days fan club for only 200 crds/month and become one of the fan of Sasha, Sophie or Adda and you will receive INSTANT 7 DAYS FREE ACCESS in LIVE CAMS MANSION
Also if you will become their fans by joining the FAN CLUB you have 5% Discount on Each private with them and also free access to VOD Gallery etc
SO More benefits for only 200 crds/month


We are introducing a new girl that just arrived in LCM and she is willing to become one of the Flirt Babes in LCM and her name is Amia Ocean
So, what can be better to say welcome to her with a 100 Crds Tip? Every 100 crd TIP will receive automatically 2 Days Free Access In Live Cams Mansion
You must tip her once with a single 100 crds TIP to be eligible to receive 2 days Free Access.

Add Live Cams Mansion profile to favorites&email notification for the December Promo that will follow and to be informed all the time!
Also check the Calendar for more Scheduled Shows of the Flirt Babes, will have some duo or trio shows, and some amazing innovative concept shows!
Add our models to favorites: Kendra Blu, Bonie Blue, Nikki Crystal, Sasha Sunny, Sophie Hazze, Adda Riley and Amia Ocean for being notified when them are online, or add them to email notification to receive the fresh news!
On Friday 25th Nov. For Thanksgiving Holiday Starting at 4 PM Est Will Have also a Flirt Babes Party Show!

If you want to find the babes easy, check Live Cams Mansion Profile or Flirt Babes profile, and see the friends, there you have listed the Babes Profiles!
1 Day Access in LCM = 75 crds, so these promo of Flirt Babes are best offers you can have!


Hope you enjoy our promo!
Have an amazing November with LCM Flirt Babes!

Thank you for an amazing Halloween Week and we continue the promo as well in November! Date: Oct 31st @ 3:43am EDT
Thank you for an amazing Halloween Week and we continue the promo as well in November!

It was really an amazing Halloween Week, we gave away 7 days free during our promo, and hope you enjoyed the time spent with our Flirt Babes in Live Cams Mansion.

But, we don`t stop here!

During November 2016 our promo will continue but in a different way!

As you already know our 2 beautiful babes Bonie Blue & Kendra Blu are participating at FOTY contest, and they need your votes daily!

So, if you go and vote them daily you can win 1 day, 7 days, 30 days free access in Live Cams Mansion!
During November, Bonie Blue and Kendra Blu will organize daily, weekly raffles and One Big Raffle at the end of the month, and will give each of them as prizes:
- 5 daily free access in mansion for free and super votes daily.
- 7 days for 7 Voters during a week (at least 5 free votes weekly needed to qualify for this raffle)
- 30 days free access in Live Cams Mansion for 10 voters during November ( at least 20 free votes in a month needed for qualify in this raffle)

1 Vote = 1 Ticket for Daily, Weekly, Monthly Raffle
1 Super Vote = 2 Tickets for Daily, Weekly, Monthly Raffle *

More Super Votes Daily, more chances to win amazing free access in LCM!
* Super votes goes automatically in raffles, no need to follow the number of votes rule, and increase the chances of winning!

Go visit Bonie Blue & Kendra Blu rooms & blog profile for more details and votes during this Amazing LCM November Raffle!

Thank you
Claim your 7 days FREE ACCESS in Live Cams Mansion, other amazing bonuses and news about Flirt Babes! Date: Oct 21st @ 6:44am EDT
We are happy to announce some great new things in Live Cams Mansion!

We are giving away 1 free week access in Live Cams Mansion starting on Monday 24th till Sunday 30th!
You only have to write a message to Live Cams Mansion (on site from your user account)with the text "LCM" and claim your free 7 days access in Live Cams Mansion and you will automatically be added in the free 7 days access list, and start spying the cams, and see what Flirt Babes are doing!
Sooner you claim more days to get!
The promotion will end on 30th!

Meanwhile check our hot naughty models in Live Cams Mansion and their shows for Halloween Week: Kendra Blu, Bonie Blue, Nikki Crystal and the new arrivals in LCM: Sophie Hazze, Sasha Sunny and Adda Riley

Also, Friday 28th Oct, for Halloween Flirt Babes will have a BIG and Great Party Show : Witches Hunt starting at 4PM Est Time till 9 PM Est. Make sure you will not miss this big show! Check the calendar for more!

Go and vote for Kendra Blu and Bonie Blue, every super vote can bring you 20hrs of free show with one of them and every free vote can win a Kiiroo Onyx! Go check and visit their rooms when are online for more details!

If you want to buy Kiiroo Onyx as well use the exclusive discount code "LCM" when you purchasing on kiiroo site and you will get a 15% discount! Than come back to our babes when are online and have the best interactive experience during the private! Their Kiiroo Pearls are ready to ride all the time!

Make sure you will add us on favorites&email notification for more discounts and news!

See you around!
Flirt Babes From Live Cams Mansion
24 hrs free access to hidden cams at Live Cams Mansion during August Schedule Shows of Flirt Babes Date: Aug 6th @ 1:37pm EDT
Hello everybody! We are happy to announce that in august we will reward each spenders during Flirt Babes Scheduled Shows: Bonie Blue, Nikki Crystal, Monica Cortez, Linda Jordan and Kendra Blu, single or duos (check the calendar available on site for more info) with 24hrs free access in Live Cams Mansion. So you will only have to participate to shows, cheer the models with tips or contributions, help them to reach the goals during the games, and be one of the spenders and you will be rewarded with 24 hrs free access in Live Cams Mansion - Spy Hidden Cams Voyeur! Enjoy it!